Auld Greys-Walking Rugby

Auld Greys-Walking Rugby

By Paul Want
18th January
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January News

It is now a year since our inauguration, and over this time the development of skills and team bonding within our group has been more than we expected. Clubs talk about strength in depth with a blend of youth and experience. We have all of that!.
Some of that youth and experience is due to be imparted to the BTEC students at Kendal College when they come and visit in January to see how we play and coach our walking game.

We had our largest crowd attendance for a Wednesday (3 off, 2 of which were spies) this week, as the gents in question were here to see how we played the game and visit the clubs facility ahead of our Spring event. They went away suitably impressed on both topics.

Thank you to Big Bob for leading the sessions during January. March will see a new face and voice with their own ideas as part of our squad rotation thing.

A Message from Clare Feeney - Johnson
Support for Rugby Injuries
Calling all Walking Rugby Players –and all those reading this.
I’m raising a much needed £2,000 for the IPF and ask for YOUR help please, by running in the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April 2019.
The RFU’s charity ‘Injured Players Federation’ (IPF) provides support and information to rugby players in England who sustain a catastrophic spinal cord injury, or traumatic brain injury playing the game we all love.
How can YOU help?
Any way you can think of helping would be great! How about bag packing in one of the Town’s super markets? Any other crazy ideas? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
If you can spare a pound or two, no matter how small an amount you can spare (it all adds up!!!), by following this link to donate: 100% of donations to the IPF
I promise to keep you all updated on the amount raised and my progress on London Marathon day, Sunday 28 April 2019 !

Keep having Fun

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