2019/20 Memberships: Renewals  |  New Members  |  Pricing

2019/20 Memberships: Renewals | New Members | Pricing

By Craig Ross
11 July 2019
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Today we emailed a membership renewal reminder, to everyone in our Rugby Football Union Game Management System (RFU GMS, or just GMS)

The Rugby Football Union Game Management System (RFU GMS, or just GMS) will be used to buy all memberships online this year.

Last season’s membership cards will expire on 31 July 2019. They will then no longer attract a 10% discount on the club tills.

The membership prices for Season 2019/20 are as follows:

Adult PLAYER Club Membership | £90
Club Membership (Social, Social Player and OAP) | £55
OAP Discounted to | £44
Club Memberships with Match Entry | £100
Joint Membership Discounted to | £170
Colts PLAYER Club Membership | £70
Life Member | £1,300
Little Stingers PLAYER Club Membership | £40
Mini & Youth PLAYER Club Memberships | £60
OAP Club Membership with Match Entry | £85
Joint OAP Discounted to | £150
Premium Club Membership with Match Entry | £250

All memberships with ‘Match Entry’ i.e. Season Tickets, are loaded with a £10 per person credit, to use for club purchases of food and drink.

All 2019/20 membership cards will receive a 10% discount against food and drink when presented at time of purchase.

2019/20 Membership Cards may be pre-loaded with money and topped-up at any of our tills throughout the year.

You can renew, or buy membership for the first time HERE

We will advertise shortly when new cards will be available for collection at the club.

Some 'Membership' tips...
1. if you are a current member, you will have an account on the RFU GMS System and can therefore renew online, using the link above.
2. you will need to know your RFU GMS username/email and password. If you've forgotten your username, please contact Craig Ross (krufc@caross.com). If you've forgotten your password, use the 'Forgot Password' Button and follow the instructions
3. if you no longer have access to the email you used on RFU GMS last year, then please contact Craig Ross (krufc@caross.com)
4. if you are NOT a current member and would like to join, use the 'Create Account' Button at the link above. Please complete account creation for ALL family members wishing to join
5. if you DON'T have an email, you CANNOT buy membership online
 you have 3 choices:
 i) create an email address - gmail, outlook, ymail, etc. are among many free email providers
 ii) ask a family member to use their email address
 iii) call in to the club and ask Reception for a paper application form to complete
6. once logged-in to RFU GMS, please update any family relationships for Partner, Spouse, Children, etc. before you select 'Buy Membership'. This will simplify buying joint memberships and children's memberships
7. you can add ALL memberships required into your basket and pay for them all at the same time
8. 'season ticket' memberships (i.e. those that include match entry) are available as single memberships AND as joint memberships. Simply add another identical membership for your ‘spouse’ and the joint discount will automatically be applied in your basket
9. once you've chosen the membership type(s) you require, remember to add it to your basket by selecting the chevron/arrow adjacent to it

Thanks for supporting Kendal Rugby Club

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